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Wholesome Paws Frozen Bone Broth - Samgyetang (Chicken/Duck/Pork)
Wholesome Paws Frozen Bone Broth - Samgyetang (Chicken/Duck/Pork)
Wholesome Paws

Wholesome Paws Frozen Bone Broth - Samgyetang (Chicken/Duck/Pork)

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NOTE: Current batch of Samgyetang Chicken is made with black chicken.

We all know SamGyeTang as Korean Ginseng Soup, well-loved by Koreans for centuries for it's yummy yet nutritional benefits. Ginseng helps to boost immunity and strengthen the functions of the organs, therefore improving overall body wellness. Asians have used it for thousands of years for its anti-inflammatory effects, to boost energy, promote better cognitive function, reduce stress and promote relaxation. The chicken used in this delicious soup is raised without antibiotic and hormones, and certified by Humane Farm Animal (HFAC). This means the farm has to make sure the animals have enough space to roam, and have proper shelter options. A lot of times, we find that dogs aren’t that allergic to chicken itself, but to the many injections (hormones and antibiotic) that chickens undergo that bulk them up into hulk chickens.

The red dates or jujubes, help replenish and nourish the blood, improving blood circulation at the same time. This is said to improve immunity and balance of inner Qi.

Finally our sulphur-free goji berries are top quality that provides immune support, helps the liver, protects the eyes, and improves depression and anxiety too. Regular goji berries have a ton of sulphur in it, and long term use can affect the liver and kidney. You’ll know this if the soaked goji berries dye the water red. So we stopped using regular goji berries a couple of years ago since we learned this!

Each pack of Samgyetang comes with some meaty chunks to enjoy together with the broth!

For those allergic to chicken, we also seasonally make this in other flavours such as SomePorkTang, and SomeDuckTang. We think we’re so punny. Don’t let your humans steal too much of this, y’all.

We do NOT recommend ginseng for dogs with blood-clotting issues, blood pressure concerns, kidney disease, or dogs who are on medications as it may interact.

Storage & Handling

  • Please store in the freezer and feed within 3 months from manufactured date. As all foods, supervise your pet when feeding. 
  • Defrost in the fridge and pour out a portion you would need for 2-3 days; freeze the remainder.
  • Small dog owners can pour into ice-cube trays so you can throw a couple of cubes in their food easily. This can work for larger dogs as well.
  • If you have a medium to larger dog and might feed 100 – 150ml to your dog a day, the broth will last you about 5 days so there is no need for any secondary process on your part.

We do NOT recommend bone broths for dogs with kidney failure as it is high in phosphorus.

Handmade in Singapore | Net volume: 500ml

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