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Wholesome Paws Dehydrated Rabbit Ears
Wholesome Paws

Wholesome Paws Dehydrated Rabbit Ears

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  • Bite: Light chew
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes

 Pelts and fur, like that found on rabbit ears are a mineral rich in manganese, an essetial trace mineral that are typically low in meats and organs, but are essential for metabolic and joint health, and for neurological function.

Not only is rabbit ears a natural de-wormer, it also aids in digestion, and contains fibre which will firm up the stools, which helps to reduce anal gland impactions. Dogs are unlikely to be allergic to rabbit proteins as it is a novel protein, which means it is a good treat for most dogs with allergies.

We recommend feeding 1 -2 pieces (depending on dog size) 3 times a week. Rabbit ears can be given to puppies after they begin losing their baby teeth and start coming out with adult canines.

Our rabbit is antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and not washed in chlorine. We have washed the rabbit in ozone (as all our treats are) then dried them in low temperatures. They are quite hard, but suitable also for smaller dogs.

    Imported from New Zealand | Handmade in Singapore | 50g pack

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