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PetCubes Frozen Raw Cat Food - Kangaroo
PetCubes Frozen Raw Cat Food - Kangaroo

PetCubes Frozen Raw Cat Food - Kangaroo

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Raw cat food made from 100% wild kangaroo, air-flown in from Australia.

This is a superior formulation for cats of all breeds, especially those with allergy sensitivities.

This diet is holistic in nature with a targeted blend of protein, calcium, taurine, omega oils and iodine, ensuring your cat has improved digestion, healthier coat and increased energy. 

Our meats are specially made into chunks for your cat to tear and chew on just as nature intended, increasing the satisfaction after every meal!

No artificial flavours, colours & preservatives. Ever.

Feeding Recommendations: 1 cup per meal, twice a day for an adult cat. 

Kangaroo Meat, Kangaroo Pluck, Organic Sea Kelp, Taurine, Alaskan fish oil, Coconut oil, Free range egg shells, Alpha-tocopherol, Manganese, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Zinc-gluconate

Typical Analysis
Crude Protein (min): 24.5%
Crude Fat (min): 3.86%
Moisture (max): 69.71%
CA-to-P ratio 1:1

Each cup weighs 85 grams

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