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Organic Paws Frozen Raw Power Blend - Goat & Lamb W’ Leafy Greens
Organic Paws

Organic Paws Frozen Raw Power Blend - Goat & Lamb W’ Leafy Greens

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Powerhouse Goat & Lamb w’ Leafy Greens is a complete and balanced meal packed with nutrient dense Certified Organic wholefood ingredients.

This recipe has been formulated to mimic a canine ancestral raw prey diet with importance and focus on providing a high protein diet with balanced fats.  Added fresh sardines, whole eggs, hemp seed oil and vegetable fibre ensures this recipe packs a powerful punch of abundant vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and fatty acids. Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Recommended to be fed as a variety meal with other Organic Paws recipes.

Each 1.5kg box contains 6 x 250gm containers for convenience and ease to portion.

Goat meat*, Lamb meat*, Ground bone*, Liver*, Kidney*, Heart*, Green tripe*, Seasonal leafy greens*, Fresh sardines, Whole eggs*, Hemp seed oil*
*Certified organic


Nutrients Quantity Per 100g
Energy  708.1KJ / 100g
Protein   10.4g
Fat, Total   12.1g
Saturated    5.40g
Omega 6  1.95g
Omega 3     0.40g
Carbohydrate  4.84g
Moisture 71.0g
Sodium 97.8g
Calcium   4,600mg/kg
Phosphorus    3,300mg/kg

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