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Organic Paws Frozen Raw Original Blend - Fish & Chicken
Organic Paws

Organic Paws Frozen Raw Original Blend - Fish & Chicken

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Simulating a carnivore’s natural raw meat diet, Organic Paws Fish & Chicken Recipe is a complete and balanced meal suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.

Each box contains 8 x 275gm containers for convenience and ease to portion.

Fish, Chicken Meat*, Kidney*, Green Tripe*, Ground Bone*, Cod Liver Oil, Kelp*
*Certified organic


Test Method Code Sample Unit Result
Sodium (Na) ES102 mg/kg 1,000
Potassium (k) ES102 mg/kg 2,510
Iron (Fe) ES102 mg/kg 36.8
Phosphorus (P) ES102 mg/kg 5,600
Calcium (Ca) ES102 mg/kg 8,300
Magnesium (Mg) ES102 mg/kg 330
Manganese (Mn) ES102 mg/kg 2
Lactobacillus spp. MRSA 30°c/3days CFU per gm gm 110 million
Protein CTM-01-037 18.64%
Omega 3 CTM-03-005 2.23%
Omega 6 CTM-03-005 3.31%
Total Fats CTM-01-012 15.0%
Moisture 66.3%

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