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NHV Petomega 3 for Pets
NHV Natural Pet Products

NHV Petomega 3 for Pets

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An Omega 3 supplement for pets to support their joints, heart, eyes, immune system, and overall organ function.

  • Joint support and comfort
  • Supports skin and coat condition
  • Renal and kidney support
  • Supports the immune system

    Our omega 3 supplement is naturally made from the oils of sardines, anchovies, and North Atlantic cod. It’s an excellent source of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid 600mg) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid 460mg) essential omega 3 fatty acids. It’s molecularly distilled and cold-pressed to improve the bioavailability.

    Support your cat with human-grade quality omega 3 fish oil supplements. Many processed pet foods are deficient in this important nutrient. And according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, "It is very important to maintain a balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the diet. A proper balance helps maintain and even improve health."

    It’s important for cats to get essential fatty acids through their diet. This omega 3 supplement for cats will help keep them healthy, and even finicky cats actually like to take it.

      To be taken twice daily. Refer to this chart for dose:

      Pet's Weight Dosage
      0 - 15 lb = 0.5 ml
      16 - 30 lb = 1.0 ml
      31 - 45 lb = 1.5 ml
      46 - 60 lb = 2.0 ml
      61 - 75 lb = 2.5 ml
      Over 75 lb = 3.0 ml

      1 bottle = 3.4oz 100ml | 100 day supply for a small - medium sized dog

      Fish oil (Anchovy and Sardine), cod liver oil, Vitamin E (added) (d-alpha tocopherol)

      Do not use on pregnant or nursing animals.

      Speak to your vet before using these products. Every pet is different. All information provided is for educational purposes only. 

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