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NHV Alge-Ex Seasonal Allergy Support for Pets
NHV Natural Pet Products

NHV Alge-Ex Seasonal Allergy Support for Pets

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Fast and effective relief for your dog’s seasonal environmental allergy by reducing symptoms associated with allergies in dogs caused by pollen, mold, and more.

  • Helps the body naturally control histamine and immune response activity
  • Helps with any environmental allergies, including pollens, grasses, mold, and ragweed
  • Relieves itchy red watery eyes, ears, and paws (toes), sneezing, and nasal discharge
  • Helps decrease inflammation of the sinuses, skin, and itchiness of the skin

To be taken twice daily. Determine your pet’s weight and then use the easy chart below to determine the correct dose. This is the minimum dosage.

Pet's Weight Dosage
0 - 15 lb = 0.5 ml
16 - 30 lb = 1.0 ml
31 - 45 lb = 1.5 ml
46 - 60 lb = 2.0 ml
61 - 75 lb = 2.5 ml
Over 75 lb = 3.0 ml

Eyebright - An herb that has a long history of use for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, anticatarrhal, and antiviral activities. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, eyebright is used for upper respiratory tract infections, hay fever, sinusitis, and catarrh (inflammation of the mucous membranes). As an astringent, it is used for dry congestion. It is considered to be useful for seasonal allergies and other nasal irritations in dogs. It also relieves itchy eyes.

Ginger - A pungent and aromatic root used as a spice to enhance flavor in food. The part used is the rhizome which has been used for thousands of years for nausea and gastrointestinal relief. Research has shown that ginger has excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Feverfew - An herb originally native to Eastern Europe. It has been used to reduce migraines. Studies have shown that feverfew inhibits the release of histamine and serotonin. It is considered to be very safe for dogs and cats, and is used as an alternative to aspirin, which can be toxic to cats.

European Golden Rod - An herb with anti-inflammatory, anticatarrhal, and antioxidant properties. It helps increase renal blood flow and the glomerular filtration rate without stimulating the loss of sodium and chloride.

Echinacea - In human and animal experiments, Echinacea preparations have been shown to have immunostimulant effects. Its defense against microorganisms help the body fight infections and remove invading bacteria. Echinacea also supports the lymph system, which in turn expels waste from the tissues.


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