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INHERENT Mug Porcelain Water Fountain
INHERENT Mug Porcelain Water Fountain
INHERENT Mug Porcelain Water Fountain
INHERENT Mug Porcelain Water Fountain

INHERENT Mug Porcelain Water Fountain

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Based in Korea, INHERENT focuses on delivering pet products that are well-designed for both humans and our furry companions.

INHERENT's MUG Water Fountain is definitely one of a kind in the market! Made of porcelain, and using many layers of filter, be reassured that the water is as clean as it can be!

Why Porcelain?
No matter how good the quality or plastic the baby uses as a bottle, it is softer than ceramics. When used or cleaned, plastic containers will inevitably have very fine scratches, where bacteria starts growing.
Porcelain is a hard material that does not scratch easily, and can cleanly remove germs and other substances when washing.

Using Biosure
Biosure is an anti-bacterial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria. It is a product widely used in water purifier filters, cold and hot water heaters, and achieves a 99.9% reduction in bacteria growth in the FITI test study.
It is recommended to replace biosure every 4 weeks to maintain effectiveness. Bacteria may multiply if used beyond the replacement cycle.

Activated carbon
The activated carbon used by INHERENT is highly activated carbon, minimising the appearance of activated carbon powder.
When you first turn on the MUG Water Fountain, some carbon powder may flow out. Let it run for 10mins before changing out the water for your pet's consumption.
It is recommended to replace the activated carbon every 4 weeks to maintain effectiveness.

Other benefits:

  • FDA-approved silicon
  • Quiet water flow (approximately 36~45db using a sound meter; a library environment is average 40-45db)
  • Uses a USB port - use it anywhere in the house if you connect it to a portable battery!


154mm (L) x 138mm (W) x 128.5mm (H)
Weight: 1.15kg (without water) | 2.05kg (with water)
Holds 900ml water

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The water flow is weaker than the first time I turned it on?
As with any kind of electronics, the fountain can get weak after running for 24hrs constantly. We would recommend switching it off for 20-30mins every time you do a water change, for the fountain to take a break. This will in turn, help to extend the life of the product.

The water is not flowing?
Switch it off for 20-30mins and turn it back on. The water flow may be weak when you first turn it back on. Please wait for at least 10mins for it to run normally.

There is a gap between the fountain and the cover
There is a 2mm gap between the fountain and cover. It is not a defect.

Is there warranty?
No, there is no warranty for this product. If you receive a faulty fountain, please contact us immediately for an exchange. We will not be exchanging or refunding any products that have been used. 

Due to the nature of the ceramic manufacturing process, there may be slight distortion in the upper and lower parts of the ceramic. This is not a defect. It does not hinder usage, and it does not flicker or shake during use.

How to wash your MUG?

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