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Gentle Pet Foods Freeze Dried Fish Roe
Gentle Pup

Gentle Pet Foods Freeze Dried Fish Roe

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Introducing our Freeze Dried Fish Roe for dogs and cats – a gourmet delight that adds a burst of nutrition to your pet's diet! Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, providing essential support for a healthy coat, skin, and overall vitality. Our freeze-dried treats retain all the natural flavours and nutritional benefits without any additives. The crumbly texture makes it a perfect meal topper, offering a convenient way to elevate your furry friend's daily nutrition while adding a touch of luxury to their meals.

All natural | Zero preservatives | Made in Singapore in a AVS-licensed kitchen

100% Fish Roe

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*Please note that the freeze dried fish roe is easily crumbled. Do expect lots of crumbs. They are perfect to sprinkle on meals as toppers!

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