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Freeze Dry Australia Freeze Dried Raw Chicken Necks
Freeze Dry Australia Freeze Dried Raw Chicken Necks
Freeze Dry Australia

Freeze Dry Australia Freeze Dried Raw Chicken Necks

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Your Dogs and cats will go nuts after these yummy chews. Simply, chop them up or just give it whole.


Raw bones are consumed first and foremost for their nutritional value to the cat or dog. A natural, and highly digestible source of calcium is provided by raw bones, and is required to provide a natural balance to the higher levels of phosphorous found in raw meat.

Adequate calcium is vital for normal growth and development, for correct mineralization (strength) of the teeth and bones, and structure of joints. It is vital for muscular contraction in the body, including the heart muscle, and is involved in a wide array of metabolic processes. The calcium in raw bones can be up to 4 times more digestible than most common calcium supplements available. Bones also supply smaller amounts of cartilage (natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate), bone marrow, and other minerals, like boron, which are vital for bone and joint health.

Protein rich | 100% Natural | Australian made

Ingredients: 100% Chicken Neck

Net Weight: 100gm


At Freeze Dry Australia, our concept is simple, but the method is nothing short of amazing. Our products are carefully sourced from Australia and New Zealand and all treats are naturally functional and super desirable due to the concentrated flavour and aroma.

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