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Four Leaf Rover Seven Shrooms - Natural Immunity Support
Four Leaf Rover

Four Leaf Rover Seven Shrooms - Natural Immunity Support

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Seven 'Shrooms is a veterinary formulated blend of 7 whole mushrooms. Our double extraction process makes sure that the beneficial beta-glucans and triterpenoids in the mushrooms are bioavailable and able to enhance immune, liver and kidney function.

The mushrooms in Seven 'Shrooms are grown in greenhouses on natural wood and substrates in filtered air. The whole mushroom is then double extracted and gently powdered, then tested for safety and a high beta-glucan content.  

Each mushroom in Seven 'Shrooms is carefully crafted and double extracted for maximum beta-glucan and triterpenoid content. Here is the guaranteed beta-glucan content of each mushroom:

Turkey Tail - 53%
Reishi - 47%
Cordyceps - 27%
Maitake - 36%
Phellinus - 23%
Shiitake - 32%
Chaga - 16%

Do Seven 'Shrooms mushrooms come from the whole fruiting body?

Yes! Seven 'Shrooms uses every part of the mushroom which includes the fruiting body. Each mushroom is double extracted. The extract is then dried into a powder with all the essential mushroom elements (triterpenoids and beta-glucans) intact. 

How much beta-glucan content is in Seven 'Shrooms? 

A whole jar of Seven 'Shrooms averages 34.6% beta-glucans.

Beta-glucans are the active, immune-supporting compound found in mushrooms. Not all mushroom species are the same and carry different amounts of beta-glucans and immune supporting substances like triterpenoids. Our mushrooms are third-party tested to ensure they have a high, guaranteed beta-glucan content, while being low in pesticides and heavy metals.

Here’s the total beta-glucan content in each of Seven Shrooms’ mushrooms:

  • Chaga - 16%
  • Cordyceps - 27%
  • Maitake - 36%
  • Phellinus - 23%
  • Reishi - 47%
  • Shiitake - 32%
  • Turkey Tail - 53%

Turkey Tail has the highest amount of immune-supporting beta-glucans, more than any other mushroom. For dogs needing extra support, we recommend adding Four Leaf Rover’s Turkey Tail product to Seven 'Shrooms.

Mushrooms work best synergistically, which is why we recommend Seven 'Shrooms for all dogs. It includes 7 different organic mushrooms, which are veterinarian formulated for their benefits in dogs. 

Each tin is 51g

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