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Four Leaf Rover Green Eggs Joint Supplement
Four Leaf Rover Green Eggs Joint Supplement
Four Leaf Rover

Four Leaf Rover Green Eggs Joint Supplement

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Made for senior dogs, Green Eggs’ 4 simple ingredients promote long-term health by supporting joint mobility, healthy skin, and more.

Just add Green Eggs to your dog’s daily food serving to take advantage of this highly nutritious blend. Bursting with flavor, even the pickiest eaters love the taste.

Natural Joint Care

  • Green-lipped mussel: Rich in fatty acids that are essential to everyday health and healthy joints
  • NEM® Brand Eggshell Membrane: Research shows NEM® can help reduce occassional stiffness and maintain cartilage and connective tissue
  • Poria Cocos: high in beta-glucans, Poria mushrooms are used for edema in paws, ears, and promote healthy skin.
  • Curcumin: helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and supports joint flexibility

Active Ingredients per 2,100mg (3/4 tsp):

Green-lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) 1,200mg
NEM® Brand Eggshell Membrane 450mg
Poria Cocos Mushroom 300mg
Curcumin 150mg

Inactive Ingredients: None (No preservatives, fillers, binders, or added flavorings)

Each tin is 63g

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