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Dr Mercola Organic Ear Wash for Cats & Dogs
Dr Mercola Organic Ear Wash for Cats & Dogs
Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola Organic Ear Wash for Cats & Dogs

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Ear concerns are one of the top five reasons pets and their owners visit their veterinarian. However, many of these visits could be avoided, saving you time and money – and your dog or cat pain and trauma.

You can help your pet maintain clean, healthy ears simply by including ear cleaning in your regular at-home pet care. It’s surprisingly easy to do.

Our USDA Certified Organic Ear Wash for Cats & Dogs contains the following six natural herbal extracts and oils that soften and assist with the removal of accumulated debris and wax in the ear canal which can be a breeding ground for ear issues:

  • Organic Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis virginiana) – With its gentle astringent properties, it naturally helps to dissolve and remove wax and debris. It’s safe and gentle on delicate ear canal tissue and won’t irritate sensitive or tender ears.
  • Organic Calendula Flower Oil (Calendula officinalis) – My “go-to” oil for redness and irritated tissue, this botanical is very calming. Together with the other two oils in the formula, it helps soften and remove hardened and crusty, accumulated wax in the ear canal.
  • Organic Mullein Leaf Oil (Verbascum thapsus) – Historically used to help maintain ear health, this gentle oil is soothing in the ear canal as it works with Calendula and Niaouli Oils to soften and remove accumulated wax and debris.
  • Organic Niaouli Oil (Melaleuca quinquenervia cineolifera) – A safe, effective alternative to tea tree oil, this comforting oil is high in antioxidant properties to support the integrity of the ear canal.
  • Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Powder (Aloe barbadensis) – Included as a carrier, aloe is soothing and gentle on ear tissue.
  • Organic Chamomile Flower Extract (Matricaria) (Chamomilla recutita) – This calming flower extract promotes an already normal inflammatory response in tissue.

Our Organic Ear Wash contains no tea tree oil that can be hazardous to kitties. And because Organic Ear Wash contains no antibiotics or harsh chemicals, it’s non-irritating, non-drying and suitable even for daily use. It’s perfect for maintaining clean and healthy ears.

    Size: 8 fl oz

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