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Bone Broth Dr Frozen Bone Broth - Lamb
Bone Broth Dr

Bone Broth Dr Frozen Bone Broth - Lamb

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Bone broths are a known secret to be a nutrition powerhouse and an excellent supplement not just for us humans, but our pets too!

Bone Broth Dr. is slow simmered over 72 hours in small batches using fresh bones with no salt or preservatives. It's jam-packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc which are beneficial for gut, joint and general health. It is full of nutrients and easy on your pet’s digestive system.

An ideal comfort food for our senior pets and also for those feeling under the weather, it restores appetite and hydrates with that warm cozy feeling on the inside. Bone broth for dogs and cats is the perfect supplement. It protects your pet from free radicals and slows down cellular decline with its anti-ageing properties.

The healing properties of bone broth can help if your pet is suffering from arthritis, sensitive stomach, leaky gut, malnourishment and certain allergies.

*Not suitable for pets with kidney issues

Filtered Water, Pasture Fed Lamb Bones, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Each bottle is 300ml.

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