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Wildly Blended Lush - Natural Muzzle Moisturizer
Wildly Blended

Wildly Blended Lush - Natural Muzzle Moisturizer

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Lush Muzzle Moisturizer was thoughtfully developed to treat and prevent painful, dry, cracked, or raw dog noses. Our luxurious blend of USDA Certified Organic healing oils and moisturizing agents were carefully chosen to provide optimal results.

Lush can be used for the following:
Inflammation due to allergies
Cracked, dry skin
Insect bites, stings, and sores
Minor burns and sunburn
Blisters, boils, abscesses and other skin ulcers
Rashes of various types
Minor wounds, scrapes and cuts

    After a few days, Lush will have your dog's nose looking and feeling soft and rejuvenated.

    Our muzzle moisturizer formula does not contain any preservatives, essential oils, or fragrances. Canines have an incredible sense of smell, and although essential oils contain powerful healing properties, they should never be applied on or near their nose.

    Organic beeswax, organic african shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil, organic black currant seed oil

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