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WildChow Frozen Grounded Raw Whole Prey Feathered Quail Grind

WildChow Frozen Grounded Raw Whole Prey Feathered Quail Grind

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WildChow uses hormone and antibiotic free, local-farmed quails. This Whole Prey Quail Grind is made from whole feathered quail in their entirety, including fur, feather, all internal organs, blood, brain, eyeballs, and glands.

Whole prey is the premise on which raw diets are built upon. The feathers, internal organs, bones and blood provides a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Whole prey stimulates mental and physical enrichment as they devour their meal.

  • Fur, feathers, skin, nails, ears, beaks, paws, feet and stomach contents provide natural fibre and roughage to the diet to aid digestion and natural deworming. 
  • Feathers, skin and glands of whole prey are rich sources of manganese and essential for tendon and ligament health, which are all too often lacking or missing from homemade diets.

✓ Raw, whole prey quail grind
✓ Hormone & antibiotic free
✓ Locally farmed
✓ Contains whole prey quail with all their organs and feathers!
✓ Can be fed as part of a meal to introduce variety or as a whole meal but we recommend supplementing to cover nutritional gaps
✓ Cat owners must add a taurine supplement


Handling & Storage
Keep frozen. 
Defrost in fridge 24 hrs before devouring. Meals are fully cooked, no cooking or re-heating is required. Remaining food can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hrs. Do not refreeze.

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