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WildChow Frozen Grounded Raw Gyu & Chicken for Cats

WildChow Frozen Grounded Raw Gyu & Chicken for Cats

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Amongst the best sources of bioavailable heme iron, our grass fed beef and organs pack a nutritive punch and aids with blood conditioning. Our chicken is organic, free-run and chicken-licious, pleasingly free from growth hormones, and antibiotics. See below for details on how it's jam packed with goodness.

✓ 99% Meat & offal
✓ Formulated for cats
✓ Free-ranging, antibiotic & hormone-free, fresh prime cuts
✓ Nutritionally balanced & complete
✓ No ingredients you don't recognise
✓ No nasty, processed stuff, funky filler or mystery-ingredients

Grass fed beef knuckle, organic chicken breast with and without skin, chicken hearts, chicken liver, beef spleen, beef liver, blue lipped mussels, ginger, organic kelp, pasteurised eggshells, cod liver oil, taurine, thiamin (vitamin B1), folate, taurine, zinc picolinate, vitamin D3, vitamin E

Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio

This product is formulated based on the nutritional levels established by the NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Adult Cats. Calorie content (calculated): 1429 kcal ME/kg.

Handling & Storage
Keep frozen. 
Defrost in fridge 24 hrs before devouring. Meals are fully cooked, no cooking or re-heating is required. Remaining food can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hrs. Do not refreeze.

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