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The Dog Grocer Frozen Seafood Grinds
The Dog Grocer

The Dog Grocer Frozen Seafood Grinds

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The Dog Grocer Seafood Grinds

  • Blend of blanched shellfishes (oysters, green lipped mussels and blue mussels) for zinc, glucosamine and manganese
  • Mixed with two or more fishes for omega 3 fatty acids (Anchovies, Scads, Smelts, Atlantic Cod and/or Haddock)
  • Ozone washed before deep freezing
  • Individual quick frozen 25g balls for easy portioning
  • Easy to keep separate from meats in meals, to prevent breakdown of thiamine
  • To be given as part of a balanced meal
  • Date of freezing indicated on packaging (recommended for at least 3 weeks of freezing at -18 degrees Celsius before raw feeding)

Country of Origin
New Zealand (Green Lipped Mussels), Chile (Blue Mussels), Korea (Oysters), Norway (Atlantic Cod, Haddock), Indian Ocean (Anchovies, Scads, Smelts)

500g, packed into approximately 20 x 25g balls

All frozen meats and seafoods are packaged in food grade home compostable packaging.

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