The Dog Grocer Frozen Halloween Pops
The Dog Grocer

The Dog Grocer Frozen Halloween Pops

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The Dog Grocer Halloween Pops features the best of both worlds of the crowd favourite Rainbow Pops and Pastel Pops. This seasonal special offers both kefir-based and broth-based icy pops, but in Halloween colours and flavours. Available for a limited time only!

Orange Halloween Pop

  • Power-packed prebiotic + probiotic combination of kefir and Australian pumpkin
  • Made on a base of kefir, cultured in-house, which is a powerful probiotic containing over 30 different strains of good bacteria
  • Pumpkin is a source of prebiotic fibre and has been found to increase short chain fatty acids like butyrate and acetic acid, which keep the gut lining healthy and help maintain optimal pH for happy bacteria to thrive
  • Orange rainbow food contains important antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules, like beta-carotene and carotenoids

Black Halloween Pop

  • Black Chicken broth with fresh cordyceps – a classic combination
  • Black chicken is rich in antioxidant, carnosine, and is believed to be deeply nourishing in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cordyceps have shown many potential health benefits in studies including anti-aging properties, anti-tumour effects, anti-inflammation and boosting heart health
  • Each pop contains shredded black chicken bits!

24 frozen pops (12 x 2 colours)

Milk Kefir, Australian Pumpkin, Black Chicken, Fresh Cordyceps

This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. 

All supplements contain no preservatives or artificial colouring, and are packaged in food grade home compostable packaging.

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