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PAWFF Frozen Raw Chicken PMR for Dogs

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PAWFF's probiotic chicken PMR contains only probiotic chicken muscle meat, bones, liver and secreting organs. Probiotic chicken is not simply a buzzword, these chickens are reared with lactobacilli-added feed instead of antibiotic growth promoters - making probiotic chicken the better food choice as it has less cholesterol and saturated fat. Chicken is a great lean source of protein that is low in calories and high in omega-6 fatty acid, making it a great option for dogs on a weight loss regimen, or dogs who are transitioning to raw.

Ingredients may include -
Muscle Meat: Probiotic Chicken Breast / Probiotic Chicken Heart / Probiotic Chicken Gizzard
Bones: Probiotic Chicken Head / Probiotic Chicken Neck
Organs: Probiotic Chicken Liver / Probiotic Chicken Brains / Probiotic Chicken Eyeballs

500g pack.

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