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Gourmate Freeze Dried Wild Caught Calamari
Gourmate Freeze Dried Wild Caught Calamari
Gourmate Freeze Dried Wild Caught Calamari

Gourmate Freeze Dried Wild Caught Calamari

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When served without the oil and breadcrumbs, Calamari is a low-fat source of protein and essential omega 3 fatty acids that dogs love. 

New Zealand export-quality Calamari is hand-cut and snap freeze dried, preserving the natural seafood texture and shape of Calamari rings and tentacles. 

Just like with humans, Calamari is a crowd-pleaser. We first chose it because our own dogs were obsessed with it - and the dogs of New Zealand have agreed. 

At only 8% fat our Wild Caught Calamari is a low-fat treat with high reward value - great for small dogs (and big ones too of course!)

45g Net | Not for human consumption 


  • Calamari is a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids, supporting skin, coat and joint health

  • Contains zinc for immunity, potassium for healthy hearts, vitamin B12 for nervous system and brain function, and copper for iron absorption
  • High in protein (80%) and low in fat (8%)


  • 100% Calamari meat ( Nototodarus spp, N.gouldi, N.sloanii / Arrow Squid)
  • Sourced, prepared, freeze-dried and packaged to human food grade standards
  • No additives or preservatives

  • Gluten free, dairy free, and grain free dog treats (it’s just squid)

Sustainability & Environment

  • Proudly New Zealand sourced, made, and owned
  • Here for a good time not a long time, New Zealand Arrow Squid are a more sustainable seafood choice

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